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Miami Herald Tropical Life

Miami Herald Tropical Life

Tropical Life is the Miami Herald’s features and entertainment section. In addition to color comics, puzzles, movie and TV listings, each weekday edition is devoted to a different topic.

  • Wednesday: Food & Recipes
  • Thursday: Performing Arts
  • Friday: Things to do (See Weekend)
  • Saturday: Out & About / Entertainment
  • Sunday: People, Books, Travel, Home & Design (See Tropical Sunday)




Men: 52%

Women: 48%

Avg Age: 58.4

College Grad or higher: 35%

Married: 53%



Have children in home: 20%

Homeowner: 67%

Avg Household Income: $90,285



White Non-Hispanic: 41%

Black Non-Hispanic: 26%

Other Non-Hispanic: 1%

Hispanic: 32%