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Miami Herald Saturday Auto

Saturday Auto

Automotive advertising appears in Classified Marketplace daily except on Saturday. On Saturday, Automotive advertising publishes in the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald as a stand-alone section. This section features automotive display advertising, and features South Florida’s most comprehensive classified listing.

The Saturday Automotive section features advertising of new and used automobiles, vans, pick-ups, SUVs, 4-wheel drive, collector cars and other transportation. It’s essential reading for South Florida automotive enthusiasts and shoppers alike, driving sales for auto dealers, products and service businesses.




Men: 54%

Women: 46%

Avg Age: 55.9

College Grad or higher: 31%

Married: 54%



Have children in home: 29%

Homeowner: 55%

Avg Household Income: $78,100



White Non-Hispanic: 31%

Black Non-Hispanic: 23%

Other Non-Hispanic: 1%

Hispanic: 46%