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Miami Herald Classified Marketplace

Miami Herald Classified Marketplace

Newspapers are the most widely cited source for making a decision on buying merchandise and finding where and when the merchandise is available for sale.

Miami Herald’s Classified Marketplace section offers a convenient, portable source for shopping, helping consumers decide where to shop and what to buy. The section features Automotive, Real Estate, Employment, Legal Notices, Collectibles, Pets, Antiques and a host of other categories.





Men: 54%

Women: 46%

Avg Age: 55.9

College Grad or higher: 31%

Married: 54%



Have children in home: 29%

Homeowner: 55%

Avg Household Income: $78,100



White Non-Hispanic: 31%

Black Non-Hispanic: 23%

Other Non-Hispanic: 1%

Hispanic: 46%


Men: 44%

Women: 56%

Avg Age: 49.6

College Grad or higher: 24%

Married: 44%



Have children in home: 34%

Homeowner: 46%

Avg Household Income: $66,120



White Non-Hispanic: 14%

Black Non-Hispanic: 27%

Other Non-Hispanic: 1%

Hispanic: 58%