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Business Monday


Miami Herald Business Monday

South Florida’s premier weekly business news tabloid is now even better!

It’s been completely redesigned, inside and out, with bold, magazine-style covers and exciting new editorial features. Plus it now includes expanded distribution in key business sectors.

Business Monday focuses on South Florida industries, with features on small business, tourism, real estate, media, retail and more. A variety of weekly features and columns cover newsmakers, real estate transactions, international trade, workplace issues, careers, technology, marketing and finance.

With a readership of 163,000 South Florida adults, Business Monday helps you reach a quality audience:

Affluent readers:

–  Average household income of $94,048

Well educated readers:

–  73% are college educated


–  67% of readers own their home



Men: 59%

Women: 41%

Avg Age: 58.0

College Grad or higher: 41%

Married: 54%


Have children in home: 22%

Homeowner: 67%

Avg Household Income: $94,048



White Non-Hispanic: 41%

Black Non-Hispanic: 18%

Other Non-Hispanic: 3%

Hispanic: 39%