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el Nuevo Herald Septimo Día

el Nuevo Herald Septimo Día

News analysis and features presented in a long read format and supported with special art and graphic materials. It is catered toward the more sophisticated Sunday reader looking for an in-depth analysis that goes beyond the daily brief, or a piece that puts a historical event in perspective. The section alternates news analysis with biographic pieces about relevant figures – Celia Cruz, John F. Kennedy, Mario Vargas Llosa and Elena Poniatowska have been featured here.




Men: 48%

Women: 52%

Avg Age: 56.0

College Grad or higher: 16%

Married: 65%



Have children in home: 33%

Homeowner: 57%

Avg Household Income: $53,388



Hispanic: 97%



Hispanic Composition:

Cuban: 55%

South American: 25%

Central American: 7%

Puerto Rican: 2%

Mexican: 2%

Dominican: 1%