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el Nuevo Herald Hogar & Classificados


el Nuevo Herald Hogar & Classificados

Hogar is el Nuevo Herald’s Spanish-language Saturday real estate section, showcasing residential communities and new condominium developments in South Florida. The section features stories about our local communities designed for real estate shoppers who want information to help with buying or selling decisions. Its Sunday distribution reaches thousands of prospective homebuyers.




Men: 42%

Women: 58%

Avg Age: 62.9

College Grad or higher: 29%

Married: 45%



Have children in home: 16%

Homeowner: 37%

Avg Household Income: $65,008



Hispanic Origin:

Cuban: 65%

South American: 20%

Central American: 10%

Puerto Rican: 6%

Dominican: 5%

Mexican: NA