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el Nuevo Herald Deportes

el Nuevo Herald Deportes

South Florida Hispanics love sports, and el Nuevo Herald’s award-winning Deportes section caters to their passion. It features the most comprehensive coverage of sports from tennis to basketball to soccer. The section includes professional, college and high school sports with daily news, scores, stats, features, schedules and interviews. Deportes also includes Negocios/Business (Mon-Sat), Classificados/Classifieds (Mon-Fri) and Finanzas Personales/Personal Finance and Tecnologia/Technology (Sun).




Men: 75%

Women: 25%

Avg Age: 57.1

College Grad or higher: 30%

Married: 57%



Have children in home: 18%

Homeowner: 31%

Avg Household Income: $51,491



Hispanic Origin:

Cuban: 55%

South American: 18%

Central American: 17%

Puerto Rican: 11%

Dominican: 5%

Mexican: NA


Men: 67%

Women: 33%

Avg Age: 59.3

College Grad or higher: 25%

Married: 53%



Have children in home: 13%

Homeowner: 41%

Avg Household Income: $53,046



Hispanic Origin:

Cuban: 54%

South American: 26%

Central American: 12%

Dominican: 8%

Puerto Rican: 2%

Mexican: NA