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Want to reach the nation’s most affluent Hispanic market?  We understand this group inside and out. Hispanic adults make up 49% of South Florida’s adult population. They have an average age of 44.8 and an average household income of $65,597.

Percentage of South Florida Hispanics by origin:

  •  45% are Cuban

  •  22% are South American

  •  11% are Central American

  •  7% are Puerto Rican

  •  5% are Dominican

  •  5% are Mexican

Compared to overall market adults, Hispanic adults are more likely to live in townhomes or apartments, with the largest segment living in single family homes.  They are likely to be married and have kids in the home. They feel that their cultural/ethnic heritage is an important part of who they are, and frequently wish they had more time to spend with their family.

Solutions to reach this demographic include: