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Indulge Magazine

Miami Indulge Luxury Magazine

INDULGE Magazine

INDULGE is the luxury magazine of South Florida’s finer things, prominent people and incomparable experiences. Focused on the affluent and sophisticated resident of South Florida, Indulge gives you access to local trendsetting home fashions, the best of fine dining and entertainment, the must-have accessories and stories behind the people who make it happen.

Published bi-monthly, INDULGE is delivered to Miami Herald subscribers in predominantly affluent areas, as well as high-end hotels, events, commercial partners and online.

Editorial Calendar:

  • Indulge Food & Wine Sunday, February 10
  • Indulge Home & Away Sunday, April 7
  • Indulge Summer Living Sunday, June 9
  • Indulge Fall Home & Design Sunday, August 11
  • Indulge Style & Fashion Sunday, September 29
  • Indulge  Gifts & Givers Sunday, November 3
  • Indulge Art Basel Sunday, December 1

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Men: 54%

Women: 46%

Avg Age: 58.3

College Grad or higher: 47%

Married: 59%



Have children in home: 23%

Homeowner: 73%

Avg Household Income: $101,932



White Non-Hispanic: 46%

Black Non-Hispanic: 12%

Other Non-Hispanic: 1%

Hispanic: 42%